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What I Do

The simple answer is we alter wedding and formal gowns. We adjust straps, take in and let out waists and hips, raise up waists, add lace, take off lace, shorten hem lines, add in corset backs, add sleeves and recreate necklines. The list goes on but that’s technical stuff. It’s all important but we want you to ask yourself “How do I want to feel in my wedding dress?”

You might think the answer is fairly obvious but it really depends on you. We think beautiful, comfortable and confident are probably safe assumptions. But there are other things to consider. Some people want their gowns as snug as possible, some want lots of breathing room. Some want their gowns ankle-length because they are being married outdoors on the grass and don’t want to risk tripping. Some want their gowns to pool at their feet. Just as there are individual bodies and tastes, so there are many variables WE need to consider.

So, you ask. How do we get there? Well, we work as partners – keeping in mind that it’s a balancing act. We recognize the importance of providing you with a relaxed and very professional space to make decisions, decisions that will make you happy. But you know more about how you feel than I do. And you have the vision. So you tell us what look you want. We will pin and take notes and possibly some photographs. Our role is to ask questions to get to know you and the details about your wedding day. Then you entrust us with your gown and we work diligently to transform the bridal gown to suit your individual figure and accentuate your assets.

And we want you to love your dress. Really love it! We want you to step into that dress and feel like a million bucks. We want you to be able to walk confidently into a room knowing that that dress expresses your individuality and fits you perfectly. We want you to look at yourself in the mirror and say, “WOW!” That’s why you are considering coming to us. Because we promise you we will not be happy until or unless you are happy.

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Who is Sew Retro?

Hi! My name is Nicole. I live in Ontario but maintain my Maritime character and heritage. I’m laid back but not complacent; I’m kindhearted but not a push-over; and I’m a tomboy but not inelegant. While I work to the beat of a slower drum, I never miss a beat. I try my darnedest to treat everyone the way I want to be treated. Those of us who own and operate small businesses recognize that we succeed when we develop authentic relationships with our customers. Because it’s not just business. We do not build businesses. We build relationships and those relationships build our businesses.

Work for me is a dive into the things I love like textiles and fashion. It’s a thrill to watch models on the runway and get drawn into the movement of the fabric. For that reason I find nothing more pleasing than a garment that fits impeccably and people feel like runway models. That’s how a bride or anyone attending a wedding should feel.

My workspace is a reflection of who I am and what I believe is essential for outstanding customer service. Clean, bright, open space. Individual attention. Professional approach. Relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. And a few laughs.

Wedding and formal events can be stressful. Getting alterations done should not. Having alterations done is when you get to wear your dress and get to see your dress evolve into exactly what you envisioned. Fitting your wedding dress can and will be fun at Sew Retro Alterations & Tailoring.

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